Creating positive habits and routines

Good habits of thinking can make your day

 I hope, if you have been following my posts that you are trying out some of the techniques and feeling calmer and more confident.

Now you have been practising your suggestions you may looking at the world in a new way. You may even find yourself thinking of all sorts of things you can be doing to help yourself.

Enjoy yourself

You may just enjoy the experience. And that’s fine, it is good to just take time for yourself and you probably find the process quite relaxing. So if that is enough for you, then just keep doing it. You will feel more relaxed, your blood pressure may be lower, you are likely to sleep better and you will be less likely to turn to unhealthy foods or addictive substances to mask painful feelings.

So that’s all good. But this experience may also have made you realise how rarely you take time for yourself and reflect on what you do and what you might like to do differently.

Define goals

But if you have definite goals in mind and things which you would like to change then it can be better to have a more definite plan.

So begin by setting a goal for yourself. Pick one thing at a time which you would like to work on and change.

Create a routine

Then create a habit. The mind likes habits and it’s good if you work with this. Good habits will make it easier to stick to your plan. So pick the same time every day to work on yourself. It doesn’t have to be long, 20 minutes should do it, but make sure you are not going to be disturbed in that time.

Write down what goals you want to achieve. Make them realistic and achievable and set a timescale in which to achieve them.

Notice changes

As you go about your daily life notice any changes which are happening. Write them down so you can track your progress. Reward yourself as you get nearer to your goal.


When you have reached one goal then move on to another.