Making the inner voice work for you

So that voice can be annoying. It can even be bullying. How can we work with that inner voice?

Can your inner voice do anything for you?

So we have seen how that inner voice can be annoying. It can even be bullying. So it’s best to ignore it or even get rid of it isn’t it?

Not necessarily. It can it be useful as well. If you are feeling the voice is constantly having a go at you then you might get impatient with it, but take a step back and ask yourself if you can use it?

After all, you created this voice in the first place didn’t you? It is doing something for you and that something might have some positive aspects. It is usually the case that everything we create for ourselves has some positive purpose.

Control the volume, control the tone

A good start is to control how that voice sounds. Using your built in sound editor can work wonders. It makes the inner voice less intrusive and it also, and even more importantly, shows that you, and not your voice, is in control.

Talk to your inner voice

Your voice will often take on the role of telling you what to do to achieve what you want. That can be good can’t it? If the inner voice is telling you what to do ask it more! Why should you do this? How will that help? Sometimes you may find the voice is talking nonsense and pulling things from your past so say ‘no, I don’t think that is right.’ Other times the voice may be onto something. Your subconscious mind may have been cooking up solutions to your particular problem in the background and now they are coming to the surface via your inner voice.

Is the voice doing you hurt or help?

So, whenever you hear the inner voice ask yourself is this helping me or hurting me at this moment. Can this voice be useful to me at this time? Again you are in control, so you decide. And if the voice seems to be useful to you then use it exactly as you want.

Developing an inner coach

A good idea can be to treat it like your inner coach. Tell it what you want to achieve and discuss what you need to do to get there. Then tell the voice to move away, you’ll call it back when you need it. You are in control.