Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis

What can I say? After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I suffered what can only be described as enormous anxiety, lasting for six months or more. After having counselling, that didn't really achieve the desired results, I gambled on hypnotherapy. I am really glad that I saw Jackie. She changed my life, literally. Jackie has a way to make you feel safe and secure, whilst almost secretly fixing the issues in your mind. If you're unsure, take my word, Jackie is fantastic, you are not gambling with Jackie. Eleven out of ten. 

Brendan Gearan.  Exeter

The miracle of my chronic pain management

Jackie is a brilliant hypnotherapist. When I spoke to her initially, she was very warming and made me feel at ease. I went to Jackie as I was suffering from chronic pain in my hip and back area and was awaiting chronic pain treatment to have a spinal cord stimulator. I was very depressed at times and was not coping brilliantly, but every session seemed to relax me and mentally prepare me for dealing better with my chronic pain levels at the time.

After each session I definitely felt more in control of my pain and psychologically more positive, which helped a great deal. Jackie always took the time to understand about 'you' the person which was very important and played a key role in the success of my treatment which really helped manage my pain levels at the time and mood as I was in a very dark place.

I would highly recommend Jackie as a hypnotherapist, particularly for helping manage chronic pain or any form of pain that can have a debilitating influence on quality of life. I am pleased to say I have now had a Spinal cord stimulator fitted which has cured my chronic pain and better management of other related issues. Thank you so much Jackie for your sessions in the intervals when my chronic pain was at its worst, your sessions really helped me physically, emotionally and psychologically and I will always fondly remember you! Amy

Driving phobia completely gone

Jackie's incredible ability has changed my life. After many years of driving I suddenly developed a complete fear of getting in the car and driving. On the occasions when I had no other choice I felt sick, panicky and totally stressed for days leading up to the drive when I knew in advance I had to make a journey. I would even plan the journey over and over again in my mind wondering what problems I might encounter. I searched the internet and found Mind in Motion site which immediately attracted me as it was very comprehensive. One telephone call to Jackie gave me the reassurance that she could help me. I am delighted to say that after only three sessions I am completely relaxed, no sign of any panic, stress and most of all it has given me back my self esteem and made me feel so much better and can drive anywhere at home or abroad quite happily.
If, like me, you have similar concerns, pick up the phone and you will not regret it for one moment.
Elaine Blackshaw, Exeter

42 year public speaking phobia cured in 2 hours! Angela Holland

I am delighted with Jackie’s fantastic work to cure my public speaking phobia of 42 years. I immediately felt at ease with her and able to open up and trust her completely. Her support and encouragement is brilliant, she genuinely wanted me to accomplish my goal. I would definitely recommend you see Jackie with any phobias or insecurities that are holding you back in life. You will know from the first phone call that it’s a great decision.

Angela Holland