Driving phobia completely gone

Jackie's incredible ability has changed my life. After many years of driving I suddenly developed a complete fear of getting in the car and driving. On the occasions when I had no other choice I felt sick, panicky and totally stressed for days leading up to the drive when I knew in advance I had to make a journey. I would even plan the journey over and over again in my mind wondering what problems I might encounter. I searched the internet and found Mind in Motion site which immediately attracted me as it was very comprehensive. One telephone call to Jackie gave me the reassurance that she could help me. I am delighted to say that after only three sessions I am completely relaxed, no sign of any panic, stress and most of all it has given me back my self esteem and made me feel so much better and can drive anywhere at home or abroad quite happily.
If, like me, you have similar concerns, pick up the phone and you will not regret it for one moment.
Elaine Blackshaw, Exeter

42 year public speaking phobia cured in 2 hours! Angela Holland

I am delighted with Jackie’s fantastic work to cure my public speaking phobia of 42 years. I immediately felt at ease with her and able to open up and trust her completely. Her support and encouragement is brilliant, she genuinely wanted me to accomplish my goal. I would definitely recommend you see Jackie with any phobias or insecurities that are holding you back in life. You will know from the first phone call that it’s a great decision.

Angela Holland