Extreme Anxiety, Sleeplessness and Panic Attacks

“Well to cut a long story short, I have had a lifetime of anxiety, panic attacks and all that goes with it. At its worst I couldn’t eat, sleep, or function probably. I was on lots of meds etc. My confidence was in shatters, until I found the courage to go and see Jackie.

I was desperate for help. Jackie had been recommended to my partner and he was also at his wits end with the situation. He made that first call and then I went on to speak to Jackie myself by phone. She gave me the reassurance that she could help me and I felt that trust and bond with her immediately. 

After a few consultations and at 63 years of age I finally got to the bottom of things. Jackie was amazing, so professional, caring and dedicated. She in fact, turned my life around with her determination to really help people.

I actually feel alive and happy again and my confidence is growing by the day. I am now ready for whatever life throws at me.

Thank you so much Jackie. “

Margaret Phillips