Hypnobirthing dispelled my fears and was a 'resounding' success

Having been a first time mother with no prior experience of childbirth, and only an acute fear of the unknown to shape my attitude towards the upcoming event, I can highly recommend hypnobirthing. When I discovered I was expecting I was over the moon but feared that my dreams of a natural water birth would be unobtainable, especially for a first birth. I was also keen to avoid a hospital birth as I have never felt comfortable in a clinical environment and didn’t think this would make my first experience of childbirth as positive as it could be.

The sessions were as factually informative as they were uplifting. It was clear that Jackie had a wealth of knowledge in this area and that also gave me confidence in the course. We tapped into my specific fears surrounding birth and dispelled them. I practised at home using the material Jackie provided. This was a relaxing and meditative experience for myself and my husband; On this course you not only learn how the mother can help herself but how the birthing partner can play an active roll as well.

Ultimately the birth of my son was a resoundingly positive experience. I achieved the birth I had hoped for and honestly believe this is because I used hypnobirthing in my preparation.

Fiona and Dave