SELF ESTEEM & Confidence

Low self-esteem can affect every aspect of your life.

Hypnotherapy works by redirecting your thoughts, feelings and focus, from the negative to the positive, reversing the self- destructive side that restricts growth and personal development. Working together to highlight your achievements and successes and helping you to create goals to work toward, is all part of the therapy.

Self-confidence can be developed during hypnotherapy, to improve your state of mind along with your feeling of general positivity and wellbeing.

If you really want to rise up and be successful, according to many psychologists, self-esteem is the single most important factor in attaining your goals.

Here are 10 tips to raise your self-esteem:

  • Set realistic goals. Note them down and aim to reach them in bitesize pieces. Celebrate each time you achieve the next level in your plan. Give yourself a reward - however little - to tell yourself how well you are doing. Maybe just a cup of coffee or glass of wine with a friend, or, buy yourself a little gift, or have a facial treatment.. something that won’t break the bank, but WILL make you smile.

  • Write down and use, positive affirmations. They really work. You can use whatever works for you: I am happy. I am successful. Today is going to be great. I am strong and positive. I always do the very best I can.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. You are not like anyone else. Your beauty is that you are completely individual.

  • Accept and enjoy compliments paid to you. Don’t play them down. They are important for your self- belief.

  • List down all the things you are good at, no matter what that may be. List them as qualities, i.e. thoughtful, caring, compassionate, hobbies such as reading, theatre, gardening - and list also, all that you are good at, maybe cooking, organising events etc. Reading the list back, re-enforces your belief system in the fact that you are capable of all these positive things.

  • Be prepared to listen to constructive criticism from those you know and trust.. Feedback can help you to make positive changes and move forward.

  • Try volunteering. It will make you feel great!

  • Always take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts and do not shower yourself with pity. This will only drag you down. Facing up to life, helps you to grow, become stronger and develop.

  • Surround yourself with upbeat people who love to laugh. Laughter is incredibly infectious!

  • Always remember that life is what you make it. So work to make it positive. Everybody has issues, including the happiest looking people, even if it seems like you are the only one.

  • LASTLY, whilst putting positive changes into place, should you weaken at any point, remind yourself of this old saying.

Do what you've always done - get what you've always got!

                Yes - this is your time to move on.