Colour it Confident

Colour it Confident

Continuing on the theme of colour - at some deep level we all know that colour is important in our lives. I bet you will feel better when you are dressed in your favourite colour. And you know that you choose the colours in your house very carefully and may even feel uncomfortable if you have to be in a room which has walls in colours which you hate.

So colour matters to us. And using colour, and our particular colour preferences can help us live a calm and happy time.

Colours are really different from one another, all colours are on a different wavelength so your eye and your brain process each colour differently.  Or to put it another way, each colour sends a different message to the brain. It’s no wonder that they have such a powerful effect.

One way you can use colour is to help build your confidence and make you feel at peace with the world. So let’s talk clothes. Look in your wardrobe and you will almost certainly see that you have certain strong colours with which you identify. We usually make the right instinctive choice when it comes to colour. You may also notice that when you are wearing your favourite colour, the colours that really suit you, you get lots of compliments about how nice you look.

So take account of your favourite colours, but if you want to look confident you may want to adapt them a bit. Strong dark colours send out a subconscious signal that you are in charge. Think about it, nearly all authority figures wear strong dark or bright colours, politicians wear navy, judges wear red. So if you want to say I’m in charge, then choose a strong colour.

Or you might want to send a message that you are calm, relaxed. In this case go for the colours of nature, greens and gentle blues.

You will be amazed at how the people around you pick up the signals you are sending out. And you might not always need the same colour. There is a great little guide here which will give you some pointers.


Colour Breathing

I hope you are enjoying the self hypnosis script I gave you a couple of weeks ago. You may already find you are adapting it and making it completely yours. Perhaps you have tried using it with the counting breathing technique. That is exactly as it should be so continue to be as creative as you want. You will know what is best for you.

Colour to help you focus and change

Today I’m going to show you another breathing technique which I absolutely love. This one uses colour to help you focus and change.

First decide what colour you want to work with. Go with your instincts on this, but often people find that certain colours lead to certain feelings and thoughts. A good guide is

·         Red for energy

·         Orange for self-expression

·         Gold for wisdom

·         Yellow for optimism

·         Green for relaxation

·         Blue for calm

·         Violet for imagination


Work with one thing at a time

Choose what you want to work on today. Perhaps you feel you would like more energy, or you want to focus on how wise you are and how wise you can become. Don’t try to do everything at once. Pick on one thing to work on at one time. The colour which will support you will become obvious to you.

Then take yourself to a quiet place and practise your counting breathing. When you feel a sense of calm imagine that you are surrounded by your chosen colour. If you find this difficult to imagine, then think of a balloon in the colour and imagine the balloon deflating and the colour streaming from the balloon and filling the room.

Feel the colour

Imagine the colour growing like a soft dry mist and surrounding you. You can put out your hand to touch it. Then focus on your breathing, as you breathe feel yourself breathing in the colour. Feel the  colour travelling through your body. Take your time. Feel the colour entering your lungs, then entering your bloodstream and spreading around your body. Feel the colour going right to the extremities of your body Focus on your feet. . .and on your hands. Feel the colour going up your nose as you breathe and travelling up to the top of your head.

Notice the sensations the colour brings. Continue to do this for as long as you feel you want to.

Colour your world the way you want.