Using positive language

Team GB and the Olympics - The importance of language..

This week has seen Team GB do astonishingly well in the Rio Olympics and we are currently second on the leader board. Sadly though, despite all this positivity, the achievement and excitement, 2 days ago, newscasters on the BBC televised news, announced that Greg Rutherford, Britain's gold medal-winning long jumper. had 'failed' to win gold in his event and had to 'make do with' bronze! The next morning on the 9am television news, that exact expression was repeated!

This guy is already a gold medal olympian for Great Britain. He has trained day in, day out, year in, year out to be one of the finest athletes we have produced and the media's celebration of him winning another medal for tGB is to tell the whole world that he 'failed' to come up with the goods!

Language embeds deeply into the subconscious and is capable of having anything from a mild negative effect, to a devastating negative effect which for some people can last a very long time indeed and have all sorts of negative effects in other areas of their life and development.

When talking to anyone, make sure your comments are always in the positive, i.e Greg Rutherford secured yet another medal for Team GB, achieving bronze in the long-jump and adding to our overall tally. (It really isn't hard!)

Don't say, 'I hope,'.. 'I might,' 'maybe'.... Those expressions offer your subconscious mind an easy way out. Use, 'Ican', ..'I will', .. 'I'm going to',,,, Make it a habit to always speak in this positive manner. In doing so, you are training your mind to win... to think and act positively.

Greg Rutherford - you are a star!